If there is a winery from Franciacorta committed to producing high-profile Satèn since its origin, it is certainly Contadi Castaldi. With this winery, in fact, Vittorio Moretti has aimed to obtain more immediate, fresh, highly drinkable wines and Satèn undoubtedly represents a perfect bubble in this direction also for its proverbial creaminess and softness.
Contadi Castaldi continues to be a sort of pioneer in the production landscape of Franciacorta and today, more than ever, tasting the wines, beautifully designed by Gianluca Uccelli, also means discovering the best areas suited to this appellation which continues to be a point of reference for the Italian sparkling wine.
We tasted their Satèn, 100% Chardonnay and 36 months on the lees, and it was love at the first sip with sensations of tropical fruit on the nose (passion fruit) but also typical hints of pastry (brioche) and balsamic and toasted notes (peanuts). In the mouth you immediately get the creamy, soft sensation but at the same time that crunchiness that gives great drinkability and combinability, perfectly escaping any kind of cloyingness. Each sip calls for another.
We paired it with spaghetti with bottarga, simple and perfect at the same time.

Company Profile

Tradition at Contadi Castaldi is dynamic and as deeply indebted to its roots as it is lively and contemporary. The winery’s name refers to the ancient history of the Franciacorta area: during the Middle Ages, the contadi were small counties known for their outstanding agricultural products, while the castaldi were the lords who governed those lands. Vittorio Moretti and his wife Mariella forged a bond with this noble legacy, first by purchasing an old abandoned brickyard and the land around it. Contadi Castaldi was established in the late 80s, the fruit of an intuition and the ability to make yet another bout of daydreaming come true.

Contadi Castaldi
Via Colzano 32 Adro, BS 25030 IT
+39 390 3074 5012