Grappa Secolo Barrique Millesimata

Color: yellow
Price: € 45.00
Annual production: about 800 bottles
Denomination: Grappa Riserva Millesimata Barrique
Aging: at least 8 months in stainless steel tanks, after aging for at least 18 months in oak barrels
Grapes: grape marc

DOMENIS1898 is a distillery that, over time, has wanted to convey all its corporate philosophy in its creations, always trying to give the products those characteristics that enhance the efforts made in research and technology, and whose sole objective is to see to grow a sensorial pleasure, never boring, of the great Italian distillate recognized in the world: grappa.
The Italian poet Mario Soldati, calling wine the poetry of the earth, claimed that grappa was his soul; and it is precisely the grappa tasted today, Secolo Barrique Millesimata, which in our opinion expresses the poetic characteristics of a product that contains a sincere and decisive soul in its pleasant complexity. The aging of this grappa for over 18 months makes it possible to have a lightly amber color as only the great raisins of important white grapes can have, because even the clarity that it transmits in the glass testifies to the excellent work of care and refinement. The sense of smell gives us a balanced harmony of noble barriques aromas and leather hints mixed with chestnut honey and some spices enhance the completion that emerges in the mouth in its powerful balance. A grappa, the Secolo Barrique one, which boasts an important gradation, 60 degrees of enveloping harmony that fill the palate with the joy of going through an experience full of that truth that Mario Soldati would suggest as the soul of marc, by him splendidly described.
Company Profile
In 1898 the Domenis family settled in Cividale del Friuli and the ancestor Pietro Domenis founded the distillery that began to distribute its products in the Friuli area. In 1986, Storica was born: the perfect combination of alcohol content and aroma kit make this young grappa a product of immediate success that allows Domenis to establish itself as a recognized leader in the spirits market. After celebrating the first 100 years of distillation activity, in 1998 Storica Nera was born, the company’s spearhead. Domenis pushes his art creating Secolo, a 60° grappa and a tribute to the founder Pietro. In 1999, the biological line of Domenis was born, and finally with 2016 the start of a new course for the historic DOMENIS® brand and for the prestigious distillery of Cividale del Friuli, which returns to the forefront of the market for distillates high quality as “DOMENIS1898 srl”.

Via Darnazzacco 30
Cividale del Friuli
33043 IT