Emilia Wine’s 1077 Sparkling Spergola label immediately appears beautiful, clear and defined, so bright in its sunny yellow colors that you can feel all the freshness of the sip. The vine, typical of the Scandiano and Canossa area, celebrates the history of these Reggio hills with a tradition with millenary roots. Present since the fifteenth century, it seems that spergola cuttings were given as a gift by Pope Gregory VII to Countess Matilde di Canossa, vice-queen of Italy. A vine often confused with Sauvignon, on the road to extinction until a few years ago, when finally, identifying its true genetics and entered in the register of varieties with the name of Spergola, it was reproduced thanks to some ungrafted strains. 1077 Spergola by Emilia Wine, a group of winemakers from three different wineries in a single territory is an identifying sparkling wine, pleasantly on the move. Its creamy, fresh and floral bubble accompanies a gentle drink that recalls the citrine taste of lime and zest of cedar, green apple and white pulp fruit. Sour note in a sufficiently persistent finish. To be served at a temperature of 6 degrees, as an aperitif or on a platter of aged cheeses.

Company Profile

If you take the highway from the north of Italy to the south, passing through Reggio Emilia you will notice a majestic bridge designed by the famous architect Calatrava. We take inspiration from this bridge as symbol of a country constantly evolving. As Newton said bridges bring us together, while walls separate us. We used to be three different wineries. We came together and we became Emilia Wine, a wine cooperative. In 2014 Emilia Wine came to life with the merger between three of the oldest wine cooperatives of Reggio Emilia: Cantina di Arceto, Correggio and Prato. Today, with 730 members, Emilia Wine is the second most important production group of the Lambrusco area of Reggio Emilia and Modena. A couple of years ago Emilia Wine acquired Casali winery, the oldest wine reality in the entire Reggio Emilia area, located on the hills of Scandiano. Casali winery has been producing and selling some of the best well-known Lambruschi since 1900, such as Pra di Bosso, along with the first Emilia-Romagna’s tradition.

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Arceto di Scandiano, RE 42019 IT

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