Cannonau is the most authentic, popular and visceral expression of Sardinia, a nectar of richness and local perfumes profuse in a multifaceted and enveloping olfactory harmony. A caressing, wonderfully harmonious wine is the second face of Siddura’s Gallura. The vineyards located in Luogosanto, a picturesque medieval town, are one of the most beautiful sceneries that nature can offer. At 320 meters above sea level, the native Cannonau variety, a fruity sip with just hinted tannins, expresses itself with sophisticated elegance, giving life to an important, harmonious and structured red wine.

Fòla 2018 is territoriality, a solo taste of great storytelling, a tale of roots and customs. Brilliant ruby ​​red, luminous and intense, it has got a composite, energetic and persuasive structure. Balsamic nose, rich in lively spicy notes, collects dark red fruit, notes of tobacco, aromas of undergrowth, the freshness of sage and laurel in an excellent balance. Fine tannin, well integrated, outlines a palate of softness, calibrated in a persistent finish of refined finesse.

Wine of great enjoyment, to be combined with strong and tasty dishes such as Sardinian gnocchi with pork sauce or a platter of aged cheeses.

Company Profile

Siddùra was born from the discovery made by two entrepreneurs who identified and fell in love with an abandoned property, but enchanting, in the heart of Gallura. The cellar, in the middle of the estate, is perfectly buried. Here the entire production chain takes place, from grape to bottle, favoring spontaneous fermentations and using the most different types of containers. The soil of the Siddùra vineyards is a mixture of granite, sand and clay. The aim of the company is to produce wines that identify with the terroir from which they come: limited harvests to ensure the highest quality, selective harvest by hand, micro vinification and aging in the best oak barrels built in France. Forty hectares of “Sardinia alone” for nine wines that have received over 450 medals.

Località Siddura, Luogosanto (OT), Sardegna
Tel.079 6573027

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