Modeano is located in the region of Friuli-Venezia Giulia, known for the quality of its wines. Its diverse areas of production allow this terrior to show different characteristics and obtain products of absolute excellence showing a range of personalities. 

Modeano’s vineyards are planted in what is known as the Friuli Riviera, tempered by sea breezes.  The vines are low in productivity, planted to well drained clay soils rich in minerals that can be traced back to the ice age. 

This is the backdrop to their Malvasia Istriana marked by an intense yellow hue and an equally intense, aromatic, floral nose, characterized by honeysuckle and wild yellow broom with sweet saffron and oriental Turkish delight. 

On the palate it is rich, full and intense marked by tropical fruit, pineapple, passion fruit, mango and yellow peaches with a long fresh citrus, limey, savory finish.
Excellent value wine.

Company Profile

Modeano is a small agricultural village on the Friulian Riviera, halfway between Venice and Trieste. Here since 1982 Gabriele Vialetto and his wife Emanuela have cultivated the family vineyards and passionately produce their wines. The cultivation of vineyards in this area, belonging to the centuriation of Aquileia, dates back to Roman times. The History of Modeano has a turning point with the purchase funded by Norberto Marzotto who at the beginning of the twentieth century gave life to a model company. He was responsible for the relaunch of wine production and the construction of the cellar, the school and the church of the Madonna del Rosario. The company headquarters is located in the Villa Bertuzzi-Ferrari and in the adjacent buildings, surrounded by a park full of centuries-old trees. The proprietary vineyards, covering an area of 32 hectares, surround the company headquarters. The vine rearing forms, Guyot or Silvoz, allows the formation of narrow and tidy foliage, through which air and light can pass freely.

MODEANO – Az. Agr. Vialetto Gabriele

Via casali modeano, 1 Palazzolo dello Stella, UD 33056 IT