This is an innovative Sicialian wine, which expresses the Sicilian attitude of welcoming both native and international vines. Twenty years of studies in the area have directed the producer towards new ideas and the production of some wide-ranging and modern labels, such as Santannella Terre Siciliane IGT, the result of a vinification and refinement seeking seduction in the sip.

This wine is produced with a cryomaceration technique, just a few hours to extract and preserve the aromas; only a few months of barrique to give completeness and structure to the refinement of Fiano; a stop in steel for the Chenin Blanc – a French grape originating from the Loire – to preserve the authenticity of each individual expression.

Santannella is the feeling of the most intimate Sicily, that expression that moves away from stereotypes, which chooses an unconventional blend, a consistency of taste and timing, a strong yet generous character. Golden straw yellow shades introduce the warmth of the earth. The nose is broad, dry, laid out by the sea and salt. The palate convinces with its spontaneity, an immediate, lively and lively drink of yellow pulp fruit.

We tasted it paired with a plate of Busiate alla Trapanese, a winning combination, a diversity that conquers, a hint of summer all year round.

Serve at a temperature of 10 degrees.

Company profile

Cantine Settesoli is a community of Sicilian winegrowers, a large Sicilian vineyard, an authentic wine district in the province of Agrigento: in the area between Menfi, Montevago and Santa Margherita di Belice, 70% of about 5,000 families in the community are involved in the company’s activities. Established in 1958 in Menfi, today it has 2000 partners, 6,000 hectares of vineyards – about 5% of all Sicilian vineyards and 36 grape varieties – three wineries dedicated to wine-making with about 400,000 ql. of grapes processed every year and a facility for packaging and storing the finished products. Cantine Settesoli’s wines are made from select grapes, grown to full ripeness, vinified in the area of origin by integrating the local culture, traditional methods and technological innovation.

Mandrarossa I a brand of 100% Sicilian wines, the clear and genuine expression of Sicily’s new face in wine growing. Mandrarossa brand’s character is innovative and modern. Its vineyards lie along the south west coast of Sicily, in Menfi, a unique and unspoiled territory particularly well-suited to winegrowing thanks to perfect climate conditions: intense light, mild temperatures, sea breezes. Mandrarossa vineyards grow on small hills from 5 different soils and many different exposures.  This brings high quality to wines and gives life to many different and innovative varieties. The unexpected Sicily.

Cantina Settesoli

SS 115 Menfi, AG 92013 IT

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