Passione, Amarone della Valpolicella Talestri is the result of a precise wine project that combines the grapes of the territory to obtain unique wines and identities in a context of constant research oriented to sustainability. Values that tell a lot of passion, attentive to all the details and able to express the link with the territory. The indigenous red berries such as Corvina Veronese, Corvinone and Rondinella, the systems of pergola and espalier breeding, the forest, the hedges, the healthy and rich soils of organic substance and the commitment to nature are translated into wines that allow to intertwine different sounds that evoke ancient knowledge and modern wine making practices.

In an exceptional vintage like 2015, Amarone della Valpolicella Talestri becomes an extraordinary craftsmanship. A conjunction of time, strength and elegance for an expression of admirable gustatory amplitude that finds warmth, fullness and roundness. Emotional glasses crossed by a dense color, deep and bright, by a fruit sensitive to the living context that embraces the integrated struggle, attested by the recent SQNPI Certification – National Quality System of Integrated Production – while the nose lined up the underbrush, licorice, dark tobacco, blackberries and cherries. The velvety tannins give way to a great harmony.

A moment of joy to share at the table with your closest friends.

Company Profile

Talestri is a new name that tells the tenacity of three sisters who inherited the family’s passion for enology and appreciate the taste of innovation. The estate of Francesca, Anna and Lisa Marcato covers 10 hectares of hills in the most eastern territories of Valpolicella with calcareous soils interspersed with basaltic outcrops that testify to the presence of ancient underwater volcanoes. A corner of paradise, ideal for interpreting Amarone, Ripasso and classic method with perfect grapes that feed the extraordinary creative vein of Papa Francesco.

Le Tre Talestri Soc. Agricola di Marcato Francesco
Via Fratta, 8 Lavagno, VR 37030
+39 045 982644 –

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