Perhaps Barbera was austere, serious and severe a long time ago, or perhaps it was simply a humble and popular wine characterized by its marked acidity and that “shirt” that left its intense ruby ​​color in the bottle. A lot of people have told its version about Barbera. Mario Soldati on his first trip in the autumn of 1968 mentions it in first place among the most celebrated Piedmontese wines, stating that “the name of a wine is never complete except with the addition, for the most common qualities, of the surname of the area, and for the most valuable qualities, even the predicate of the farm “.

For this reason, tasting Austerum, Tenuta Montemagno’s Barbera, means placing it in a precise territorial dimension that boasts ideal soils and the best south-south-west exposure, as well as important wine traditions. Clarifications necessary to grasp the expressive power of a Monferrato Barbera of significant expressive freshness.

The delicate fruit, the notes of currant and undergrowth, the roundness of the palate in which a delicate acidity and ripe tannin are concentrated, accompany pleasant olfactory sensations of jam and spicy notes. An authentic and truthful Barbera, excellent to accompany a dish of tajarin with mushrooms.

Company Profile

Tenuta Montemagno stands on the slopes of the hills of Monferrato, an area of Piedmont historically suited to the cultivation of vines. The exposure of the vineyards in the South-West, the microclimate of which the area enjoys clay and limestone, the processing entirely by hand and the technology adopted in the cellar, contribute to the birth of wines of great importance, representatives of Italian excellence, Piedmontese and Monferrato in the world.
The estate is surrounded by 100 hectares of land, of which about twenty vineyards. Here are represented the most important Piedmontese cru: the Barbera d’Asti, with the oldest vineyards reaching fifty years of age; the Grignolino d’Asti, a dry, dry and distinctly tannic red; the Ruché di Castagnole Monferrato, one of the oldest Piedmontese vines, present only in the territories on which the estate insists; the Malvasia di Casorzo, a red wine that comes from grapes exposed south/ south west. All the labels of Tenuta Montemagno are born by combining the characteristics of the Monferrato lands with the intuitions of Tiziano Barea and the wise contribution of the oenologist, Gianfranco Cordero.

Tenuta Montemagno 
Via Cascina Valfossato, 9 – Montemagno, Asti 14030, Italy
Tel. +39 0141 63624

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