We can imagine these elements as the ingredients of a culinary recipe that harmoniously combine to create an unforgettable experience in the world of wine and culture. Each winery has its own unique and inimitable recipe.

We have created a column dedicated to the 11 ingredients of wine tourism! In each installment, we will explore one of the elements that make a wine tourism experience truly unforgettable.

Today we talk about the landscape, an element that enchants and attracts the wine tourist.


The landscape is not just a backdrop but an integral part of the wine tourism adventure. The vineyards stretching as far as the eye can see, the gently rolling hills, and the historic villages that dot the territory help create a unique atmosphere.

Institutional reports and sector surveys confirm that the landscape is a fundamental element for wine tourism. All wine tourists, in fact, emphasize how important the scenic context is during their visits. This is because the landscape not only beautifies the view but enriches the entire experience, making it more authentic and memorable.

But not all territories are the same. Let’s ask ourselves: is the landscape surrounding our winery positive and attractive, or are we located in an unappealing industrial area? It is essential to carefully evaluate the context in which we operate, as this directly affects the visitor’s experience.

A captivating landscape can transform a simple winery visit into an emotional journey. However, if we are in a less attractive area, we must be creative in making the most of what we have. We can improve the aesthetics of our winery, create thematic trails, or collaborate with local artists to beautify the spaces.

The landscape is one of the essential ingredients of wine tourism, capable of enchanting and relaxing visitors, and making every experience unique and unforgettable.

In the next installment, we will explore how the structure of the wineries contributes to this magic. Keep following us to discover all the ingredients that make up the perfect recipe for wine tourism!