Umbria is a gem in the heart of Italy containing a rich history and agriculture, distinct flavors and stunning landscapes: a marvel for any wine appreciator.
Le Cerque is a young winery, but well determined to represent its territory while remaining environmentally conscious. They offer a warm welcome to any guests and produce truly excellent wines and extra virgin olive oils.
The wine tasted today, Manù, is a blend of Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon, vines that beautifully mature in this area’s microclimate and soil.
Its bright red color and glossy reflections, enhanced when swirling the glass, create a lovely contrast. The nose is rich, full of its original vines, mixing tea rose and wildflowers, combined with hints of ripe blueberries and sour cherries. It ends warmly with sweet tobacco spices and a slight hint of cinnamon. This wine is really broad on the nose as well as on the palate: the aromas open with dried fruits such as dates and figs and close with soft tannins, due in part to the 12 months of aging in oak barrels.
Manù is a broad wine, both a classic, perfect for the simple pleasure of drinking and a modern wine as well, thanks to its hints of minerality and sapidity.
Tasted with a marinated scottona carpaccio, sweet and sour onion and toasted pistachios, it really made for a harmonious tasting.

Company Profile

Le Cerque’s farm produces wine and olive oil in Umbria, Italy, using only natural products to treat crops, in full respect of the territory’s biodiversity.

A deep love of nature pushes Damiano and his collaborators to fully embrace sustainable agricultural practices, creating eco-conscious, high-quality products.

Azienda Agricola Le Cerque

Strada del Convento 58
06050 Collazzone (PG) Italy
39 075 9977776