Sustainability for Le Morette is not exclusively an ethical or ideal choice but it is a set of concrete actions that are put into practice by the winery on a daily basis.
Choices that have a more important economic weight than conventional agriculture, but which guarantee quality, uniqueness and value and ensure great environmental benefits for the area where you live and work every day.

Sustainability in the vineyard:

Sustainability is often faced in abstract and conceptual terms, but the practical implications determine the real value of this choice.
Le Morette is a virtuous example, able to transform upstream analyzes and evaluations into concrete approaches and practices:

  • no use of chemical herbicides and synthetic fertilizers;
  • use of sexual confusion to fight the vine moth, avoiding the use of insecticides;
  • phytosanitary defense according to the criteria of integrated defense / pest management
  • use of a drip irrigation system, adjusted according to the age of the plants, their seasonal needs, avoiding wetting leaves and bunches and above all reducing water consumption.

Particular attention is paid to the soil, which, as we should know, in Lugana is particularly difficult to manage due to the high presence of clay:

  • the soil under the rows is moved several times during the year to aerate the soil, soften it and allow greater absorption of rain;
  • inter-row grassing is practiced and plants and flowers are sown every year to ensure green manure and attract the greatest number of insects for the benefit of biodiversity and the vegetative balance of the vineyard;
  • multi-row atomizers are used which allow to treat 3 complete rows with a single pass. This allows to reduce by 66% the passages of the tractor in the vineyard and therefore the compaction, improving the conditions of balance and stability of the soil.

In the vineyards area there are hives for the production of Le Morette honey.

Sustainability in the cellar:
The new Welcome Area represents a further factor of consistency, rigor and attention in the wake of sustainability:

  • Le Morette will reach total self-sufficiency for the production of electricity from renewable sources, thanks to the 92 Kw photovoltaic system which will be implemented with an additional 50 Kw, an increase in production capacity of + 50%;
  • the architecture of the building, from the very beginning, was conceived with a southern exposure, in order to obtain the maximum exploitation of solar energy thanks to an avant-garde photovoltaic system with integrated panels in the roof;
  • the structure of the cellar was built entirely in the basement, allowing to exploit the thermal insulation of the soil and avoiding waste of energy for air conditioning;

These values ​​and these concrete and tangible practices are Le Morette’s visiting cards. These characteristics can be found and appreciated in the products (wines, grappas, oil and honey) and are conveyed to guests who visit the company through “Wine experiences” and tasting authentic Lugana DOC quality wines. Manifesto of a deep respect for the territory and for the enhancement of biodiversity.