Always attentive to the quality and culture of grappa, the Marzadro family is one of the cornerstones of this extraordinary Italian product. Born from careful and always innovative experiences, this company has always tried to undertake a real conversation with the final consumer, sometimes trying to amaze, as in the case of the interesting grappa tasted today.

This grappa, from the famous “Diciotto lune” line, is a “whiskey barrel reserve”, born from a blend of white and red pomace, 18 months of certified aging and further refinement in barrels used by whiskey distillers.

This grappa represents a true bond between two precious products, a true example of a historical bond and a concrete concept of tradition and innovation.

The color is exalted by its brilliance and is intriguing for the notes of noble wood that filters into the large tasting glass. The notes of skilful distillation of the grappa emerge ample and well harmonized by peated scents providing an olfactory roundness of rare balance.

In the mouth it is a real explosion of always balanced sensations, a mix between two great spirits which, swirling in the glass, continue to give olfactory and gustatory emotions.

With this product, the Marzadro company places itself at the top of that Italian culture that is always attentive to research, while remaining firmly united with the proud Trentino tradition.

Company Profile

The roots of Distilleria Marzadro date back as far as 1949, in Trentino. Attilio Marzadro is the protagonist of this story. He understood how to cultivate his land to its best in order to obtain, from his vineyards, the most suitable pomace for the production of Grappa, becoming the proprietor of this century-old art. The Marzadro family, now extended to three generations, kept its traditional inheritance intact with great commitment and professionalism.

Distilleria Marzadro
Via Per Brancolino, 10 – 38060
Nogaredo (Trento) – Italia
+39 0464 304555