Masi’s name in the wine world needs no introduction. Similarly, the winery’s name is synonymous with a high-quality vision and significant identity depth, particularly in the world of Amarone – whose first harvest at this historic winery dates back to 1772 – and which remains the absolute protagonist of the cellar.

However, today we are not writing about the Prince of Verona’s wines. Instead, we discuss a king: Moxxè del Re, a Metodo Classico made from Pinot Nero grown in one of the most suitable areas in Italy, carefully selected by the technicians at Masi’s, the Oltrepò Pavese.

This product line, named Moxxè, proudly includes among its offerings a sparkling wine that, after at least three years aging on the lees, is presented in a marvellous guise that recalls the historic brand placed on the still wines of this important Veneto winery.

Moxxé del Re enters the tasting glass with an elegant perlage that enhances its finesse, and reaches the nose with the same harmony and richness of mature citrus scents, white flowers, and subtle tropical notes. It finishes with aromas of Mediterranean herbs and bread expertly baked by a top baker.

On the palate, it is pleasantly rich and delicately acidic at the same time. The structure is indeed well-defined, and the pleasantness of the bubbles harmoniously combines the taste and aroma, ending with a fresh and enveloping finish.

This wine pairs well with haute cuisine, featuring a balance of fatty and crunchy elements, such as an excellent Ceviche. It can also star alongside fried seafood like eel or baked turbot with tomatoes.

Company Profile

Masi is a leading producer of Amarone and has always interpreted the values of the Venetian regions with passion. Its history begins at the end of the eighteenth century, when the Boscaini family carried out their first harvest in the prestigious vineyards in “Vajo dei Masi”, a valley in the heart of the Valpolicella Classica region. Masi offers recognised expertise in the Appassimento technique, a method of drying harvested grapes, practised since Ancient Roman times to concentrate the wine, and continuously innovated by the Masi Technical Group. Masi is also one of the historical interpreters of Amarone: its President, Sandro Boscaini, represents the sixth generation of the family that has made Amarone one of the prestige names of Italy.

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