The wine world knows the concept of macro-regions, such as ‘Bordeaux’, ‘Burgundy’, ‘Piemonte’, ‘Tuscany’: the usual indications for regions that cover a large number of very different sub-regions. According to Paul Balke, also the NORTH ADRIATIC is one of these premium wine-terroirs in Europe. With this book he starts to communicate this wine-region among wine-professionals, importers, producers, journalists, and wine-lovers, worldwide.


The NORTH ADRIATIC is a fascinating territory with a lot of highly interesting wine regions with different characteristics, unique wines, interesting history and a wealth of cultural monuments of great value. The fact that this important wine region is situated in three countries is very particular and an extra argument to study the region carefully. The wine traditions of Friuli Venezia Giulia, West-Slovenia, Istria, and Kvarner are closely related because of historical and cultural ties. For much of its history the present borders did not exist and grape varieties, techniques and wine traditions were introduced in all territories of the NORTH ADRIATIC. With this book Paul Balke presents the first book ever about this region in English language.


The book NORTH ADRIATIC provides abundant information about history, culture, gastronomy, grape varieties, wines and wine traditions, and many high-quality photos.
All wine regions are covered: Collio, Brda, Colli Orientali, Grave, Isonzo, Aquileia, Vipava, Karst, Istria, Kvarner and Paul Balke offers detailed and well-written descriptions. This book offers clear insights not only in the wine sector but also explains the reason why these territories, situated in three countries, are so densely related. Very particular is that some regions are situated in two countries, like Collio and Brda, both parts of the Karst, or Istria. All this makes the NORTH ADRIATIC unique.


Paul Balke is journalist and author, living in Italy. He has written many books and articles about wine and has a huge experience as speaker on masterclasses and corporate events on wine. He sat at many important wine juries. He wrote about wine for Dutch and international press and published various books, among them the Piemonte Wine and Travel Atlas. He speaks seven languages and is also an accomplished pianist.

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