The exciting must scent that pervades the valleys around Montalcino in the after-harvest blends together with the humus perfume, creating a powerful sensory lure, it is not a legend: for us, on the contrary it is the emotional incipit of a visit which sets pleasure and knowledge aside.

The literary translation of terroir, as we know, does not pay back to its true meaning: the territory morphology is just one of the components that characterize the wine’s soul, and the terroir is enriched also with the weather component, the place and the identity formula which the producer gives to their product.
In this way we can truly understand the uniqueness true meaning which, if correctly represented, is able to give awareness to a wine even with respect to that that product at a 100 meters distance. Human effort is inherently capable of glorifying the very suited territory’s gifts, whether in the vineyard or in the cellar.

Paradiso di Cacuci’s territory

Paradiso di Cacuci is 6 hectares of vineyard in biological conversion at north-west of Montalcino, at approximately 370 meters above sea level, a north-west territory exposure of a mixed type, in which the clay prevails and guarantees a great drainage, but also a great sand and river stones composition: an optimal frame that gives to its wines good minerality, balsamic shades and a maturation that does not tend to excess.

The company was born in 1964 and in 2017 it was object of a consistent refurbishment which involves the cellar and the tasting room, hosted in the rooms assigned to the stall in ancient times and which enriches the structure with 4 rooms lodging dedicated to the agritourism; a choice that allowed to conquer a great amount of retail clients, which today guarantees 35% of the sales. The welcoming structure hosts at the present time a great number of small events and private tastings.

In 2020 the company is busy with the re-design of their business model, which entails the opening towards international market in the high-level HORECA segment, from Asia to North America, and the building of a direct partner chain in the Italian market which today arrives at approximately 60.

A wine club which associates 250 admirers around the world completes the client park, with a 40% USA extraction.

25.000 bottles produced, mainly distributed between Brunello di Montalcino, Brunello di Montalcino Riserva and Rosso di Montalcino.

Man’s hand

High care is given to the grape selection, first in the field and subsequently on the conveyor.

In the cellar, Paradiso di Cacuci style is tradition: the company is part of a producers nucleus from Montalcino which married a producing approach based, after the steel fermentation, on long static settling, natural malolactic and perfectioning in great Slavonia durmast barrels: the spice absence is willingly pre-ordered and forcings are avoided in flavors and wine aromas; in the bottle the result is the mirror of a neutral and delicate wood, an aroma bouquet in which voluntarily there is not much room for aromatic components such as vanilla, chocolate, cinnamon or others.

The perfectioning lasts more than the minimum disposed by the disciplinary; the prescribed 24 months of perfectioning in wood are, here at Paradiso, until 42 months and the months in the bottle are 10 against the 4 advised by the disciplinary.  

Long perfectioning and wood neutrality make it possible for the elegance, already present in the plant, to preserve and stabilize itself for a great wine appreciation result in the moment of release on the market and, at the same time, a great perfectioning potential in bottles.

The appreciation for non-austere, non-aggressive and already ready to the consumption and the moment of the commercialization Brunello is growing in the main wine markets. Paradiso di Cacuci Rosso’s main markets are North America, Asia (mainly South Korea and Japan); for Brunello there is great appreciation from North America and North Europe; Riserva emerges in some high-spending niche markets such are Israel, United Aram Emirates, Japan and North America.

Paradiso di Cacuci is a team of 5 internal resources, co-operated by the oenologist Giuseppe Gorelli and the agronomist Roberto Lamorgese who is currently busy with the transition to biological project.

Together with Francesco Ditta, communications and sales manager, we had the pleasure of tasting a Brunello 2015, important harvest, which stands out for elegance, it promises a long life in front of it, but it has already a great evolution and expression, both in the mouth and in the nose: it is a wine highly rewarded at an international level, from 93 point in Wine Enthusiast, to the gold medal at the London Wine Competition, to the 17++ Superior by Jancis Robinson; and highly rewarded also by the villa’s guests.