If Petra’s story, a winery with an incredible charm, could be told today, perhaps I would do it with this 2019 bottle tasted with great attention and particular curiosity.
The curiosity arose from the very particular vintage due to the mild climate and overall abundant rainfall but also in trying to fully understand the essence of this blend with a prevalence of Cabernet Sauvignon well harmonized with Merlot and Cabernet Franc, vines that grown with low yield per hectare in the vineyards of the Tuscan estate.
The wine is sunny in its brilliant ruby ​​red hues, in the glass it already releases complex and balanced fragrances when it is poured, while the nose opens immediately in breadth and olfactory pleasure. The clearly perceived red fruit is enhanced in aromas of tea rose and field spices, sweet tobacco and finely Mediterranean notes, to then complete itself on the palate in a soft and silky structure.
The elegance also given by the skillful aging in noble woods, was confirmed by an enveloping and very persistent aftertaste, a wine that we believe will be able to give incredible evolutions over time. To be enjoyed therefore with an eye to the future, even if ready to be exalted with dishes where harmony can testify to its great value.


Località San Lorenzo Alto, 131
57028 – Suvereto (LI), Italia

+39 0565 845308