Selva Capuzza is an agricultural company that has made the decision to place itself in the wine industry by consistently adhering to its identity. There are no short cuts, no other alternatives for working in the vineyard, and no other options for making outstanding local wine in the cellar except using only healthy grapes that are hand-harvested and handled with the highest respect. The calcareous-clayey soils rich in stones encourage the greatest circumstances for a very high quality viticulture in that magnificent location known as the morainic amphitheater, facing Lake Garda 4 kilometers away at a height of around 120 meters above sea level.

Selva, one of the first Crus to be created in Lugana, is made from Turbiana grapes that are vinified in their purest form and originates from one of the Doc’s most intriguing vineyards. Its elevation between 110 and 125 meters above sea level, rough terrain, and plenty of stones are its three distinctive features. A triangle of unique elements that is immediately reflected in the glass.

The simplest and most direct language of the place and terroir is the language that wine uses to communicate. The sip is clear and faithful to the minerality of the soils, thanks to the meticulous work of a company that wants to express the qualities of the vine – which, despite its stern appearance, eventually develops the ideal balance of freshness and taste, elegant and strong citrus scents, bright and luscious fruit smells, sage, and golden wheat fields after the appropriate amount of aging.

An awareness that has grown since 1983, the first vintage produced, and that continues to receive the enthusiastic approval of Lugana DOC connoisseurs.

The most popular cuisine for Lugana Selva 2021, in our opinion, is Chinese food, with its steaming mixed ravioli or a Lamian with shrimp and vegetables.

Company Profile

Selva Capuzza is a small farm dedicated to producing wines exclusively from 6 indigenous grape varieties. The Estate is located 4 km south of Lake Garda’s coast in a very precious area where three wine appellations overlap each other: Garda Classico, San Martino della Battaglia and Lugana. Here the climate in gentle, and moderated by the lake, there are many olive trees, a wood which was an old truffle plantation, wide open spaces dedicated to biodiversity, a park with mulberry trees and two little ponds.

Società Agricola Selva Capuzza
25015 Desenzano del Garda
Brescia – Italia
+39 030 9910381

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