A question mark at the center of the back label intrigues the curious by introducing all the difficulties of a denomination as old as that of Lugana. San Martino della Battaglia DOC is one of the smallest denominations in Italy that has had to deal with the loss of its identity. In fact, in 2008 the name Tocai lost the right to exist, at least in Italy, creating ferment and discomfort for a recognition that belonged to us at various geographical levels.
Podere Selva Capuzza has chosen since 2007 for Campo del Soglio a question mark, that on the back label. This wine was born in 1988 with the intention of saving it from oblivion, producing it at the highest possible quality level, expressing the best of its potential.
As known, for important things you need patience. Then we resist and endure the difficulties to keep the Garda viticulture alive, which in addition to Lugana can still count on San Martino della Battaglia DOC. Or maybe you resist because the virtual slap in the face of the loss of the vine’s name has found the stubbornness of wineries like Selva Capuzza, which keeps on searching for the deepest beauty of Tuchì.
Today the grapes are called like this, they are fragile and demanding, they have a thin skin, low acidity and a short ripening curve exactly as for the previous Tocai. Tuchì is a continuous bet in a constant request for care and attention, a vine that discourages its maintenance, which for the quality requires low yields, well below the limits of the specification. This means that there is something unique and exceptional in the glass, capable of aging from ten to fifteen years.
Straw yellow color, biting nose with its minerality and chalky returns, it offers yellow pulp fruit, lychee, thyme and chamomile, dry vegetable. In the mouth it is sensitive and compelling, showing a dynamic drink and a prolonged persistence.
The ideal combination ranges from vegetables to stuffed savory pies, up to fish (also lake one) first courses.

Company Profile

Selva Capuzza is a small farm dedicated to producing wines exclusively from 6 indigenous grape varieties. The Estate is located 4 km south of Lake Garda’s coast in a very precious area where three wine appellations overlap each other: Garda Classico, San Martino della Battaglia and Lugana. Here the climate in gentle, and moderated by the lake, there are many olive trees, a wood which was an old truffle plantation, wide open spaces dedicated to biodiversity, a park with mulberry trees and two little ponds. As you walk this diverse property, you will discover the winery in the center, surrounded by vineyards, meadows, the truffle plantation with its oaks, hornbeams and willows, the restaurant Cascina Capuzza, and agriturismo Borgo San Donino. Hunting has been strictly forbidden for many years to protect local fauna and our guest’s peace. Deep and constant care is dedicated to keep Co2 emissions and pollution at the lowest level through a very rich combination of sustainable and wholistic practices. All of this beauty contributes to a sense of balance and wellbeing that is undeniable at Selva Capuzza.

Podere Selva Capuzza
Località Selva Capuzza Desenzano del Garda, BS 25015 IT

+39 030 991 0381

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