Sicily is the biggest island in Mediterranean Sea, and it’s a wonderful mix of cultures, customs and flavours with no equals. It’s a land that enters your heart, thanks to its historic squares, its countless churches, the crystal clear sea and the luxuriant countryside of the hinterland.
If you want to really understand it, you have to put yourself in its “flavours’ hands”, so you can live and taste its culinary features and its scented wines.

Principe di Corleone winery has a big goal: giving tourists the possibility of experimenting the real “Sicilian way of living”.
Principe di Corleone has been aiming for years to “enotourism” of excellence, as Vincenzo and Lea Pollara, the owners, explain: “We strongly believe in a connection between our business and the surrounding territory. We think that enotourism could be a nice instrument to let tourists and travelers live an unforgettable experience in Sicily, discovering real colours, flavours and scents of our land”.

Principe di Corleone offers to “enotourists” a guided tour of its estate, followed by the tasting of local vine variety’s wine, as Quattro Canti Syrah-Nero d’Avola DOP, Quercus Nero d’Avola DOP, Grillo IGP and Nero d’Avola IGP.
Through the discovering of vineyard cultivation’s techniques, harvest methods, grapes’ working processes, and an in-depth analysis about tasting techniques of fine wines by Principe di Corleone, you can increase your knowledge about wine world in these wonderful territories.

“We think that wine and food tourism (with cultural and artistic one) in Sicily should be favoured and can reach its maximum expression” Vincenzo and Lea conclude.

Moreover, not far from Principe di Corleone’s wine cellar, tourists can travel through the Arab-Norman route, in the cities of Palermo, Monreale and Cefalù. This route has been defined World Heritage Site.
Among the visits, you can also admire Cappella Palatina, Palermo’s Cathedral, Duomo and Monreale’s cloister, which have thousands of visitors every year. 

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