Pizzolato considers organic production a philosophy of life rather than merely a commercial choice, and this is of great value.

The winery was indeed founded by the strong will of its founder, Settimo Pizzolato, who more than 40 years ago began this commitment primarily to ensure a future for the territory and the extraordinary environment where the winery is located, one that would preserve its environmental values.

Producing organically means continuous research, study, and crafting an identity in each product, such as the Prosecco Brut we tasted today with our tasting panel.

This sparkling wine is elegant from the moment it is poured into the glass, with a fine and delicate bubble that gently opens up, accompanied by an almost brilliant yellow color with slight greenish reflections.

On the nose, we immediately experienced a fresh and lively sensation, along with scents of white-fleshed fruit and white flowers, and a promising finish in terms of minerality.

In the mouth, it is full and enveloping. The sharp acidity enhances the drinkability, and at the finish, the mineral aspect is excellently harmonious with what we noted olfactorily.

The aftertaste is long and memorable. For us, this Prosecco fully represents the qualitative journey that Pizzolato Winery has nurtured over the years.

A delightful aperitif with friends is the ideal moment to open this bottle with its very distinctive packaging. Yet, it is foremost a sparkling wine suited for an entire meal, from seafood crudités to baked vegetable pasta and an excellent grilled fish.

Congratulations to those who, like Pizzolato, have always dedicated their professional life to the pursuit of sustainability, achieving these prestigious products.

Company Profile

Five generations of history and tradition, a long commitment to wine production with respect for nature and the highest quality, a company that achieves its idea of the future step by step. A journey that began in 1981, thanks to the far-sightedness of Settimo Pizzolato, one of the first Italian winemakers to take the organic route. Pizzolato is not limited to the production of organic wines; our main goal has always been to operate in full respect of the environment and to enhance the unique characteristics of the territory. For us, this translates into a constant commitment to maintaining sustainable agricultural and winery standards, controlling every stage of the production process from the vineyard to the bottle. Choosing organic for us means deciding to never stop learning, accepting that each vintage will be different from the previous one and being aware that only a deep knowledge of the environment will help you respect it.

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