This grape is the result of a skillful blending of passion and knowledge.
We believe that the Incrocio Manzoni grape can and must continue to make substantial contributions to Italian enology in many international markets since, first and foremost, it is a distinct grape that is both modern and exciting.
The prominent winery Rechsteiner is a genuine and solid illustration of what wine from an Incrocio Manzoni vineyard can provide. The essence and balance of this DOC Venezia wine are immediately obvious on the nose, with a brilliant golden colour that leans toward the sun and mineral notes and white-fleshed fruit mingling with wild flowers. In fact, the mouth’s refined fragrance completes a large and enveloping structure with transverse gentleness and is nicely balanced by savory overtones. An outstanding Incrocio Manzoni that achieves success in contemporary Italian cuisine by paying close attention to wines and fresh, in-season ingredients.

Company Profile

Rechsteiner’s story began in 1881, when Friederich Rechsteiner bought the historic estate of Piavon di Oderzo from the Revedin counts. Rechsteiner is situated in one of the most favorable regions of the Venice DOC, in a pedoclimatic environment that favors the development of both delicate and fruity white wines as well as full-bodied red wines. The firm now cultivates and produces wine from grapes grown on its own 50-hectare vineyard. The corporate center, on the other hand, is situated in a prominent historical, architectural, and natural setting and spans a space of more than 6 hectares. Rechsteiner has dedicated special attention in recent years to the promotion of local vines such as Manzoni Bianco, Tai, and Raboso del Piave. The VIVA certification recognizes Rechsteiner’s commitment to environmentally friendly and sustainable viticulture: a government initiative supported by the Ministry of Ecological Transition that seeks to enhance the wine supply chain’s sustainability performance. Rechsteiner is also committed to promoting educational activities through educational courses: the Park, the Medicinal Garden, the Orchard, the Educational Vineyard, the Honey Hedge with bees and the Bottaia, which offer various possibilities for workshops and activities for children, students and adults of all ages.

Rechsteiner di Florian Von Stepski-Doliwa
Via Frassenè 2, 31046
Piavon di Oderzo, TV
+39 0422 752074