We wanted to delve more into Rive della Chiesa’s identity and peculiarities with Carlo Librandi, marketing director. Rive della Chiesa is a reality in the Prosecco area, which started a development and innovation path characterized by different projects with medium-long term perspectives.

How was the company born and what was, in brief, its historic path?

Rive della Chiesa is a family-run business, born thanks to Nino Gasparetto (Michele and Luigi Gasparetto’s father), whom, migrated in its youth in Australia, decided to come back and start running a small plot in Montello.
Michele takes care of the winemaking, the business and strategic part, while Luigi supervises all that happens in the field. Now we are living a transformation with the goal of becoming a more structured and management reality and to support the conversion to the organic.
Recently we bought an estate in Marche, precisely in Altidona in Fermo province. It is a plot of land which has already been certified as organic and in which we will produce Passerina and Pecorino. This choice has been based on company’s values and due to the need of having a higher differentiation and an expansion in our product line.

Which are the peculiarities and the identity factors that you put in place to distinguish yourself in the vast landscape of the Prosecco production?

We are lucky enough to work with a denomination (Prosecco) that has very strong appeal and awareness, especially abroad. We have solid basis which rely on the family tradition and on the territory but we are working to give an even more strong and precise identity to the 5 product lines that we will develop in the future.
We are planning some strategies and we are going to launch a new product line in 2023 made of 7 references. We wanted to build a strong bond with the territory and, in that sense, we elaborated a study on the Pala dell’Annunciazione by Tiziano in the Duomo of Treviso. We studied the color samples and, starting from this analysis, we built the packaging.
Regarding the product, together with the wine experts, we studied a product line which could go towards the new consumers’ tastes, with a strong identity and a cross target.

As I underlined in a recent article, in Canada one sparkling wine bottle over 3 is Prosecco and in UK Prosecco is worth more than 2/3 of the imported sparkling wines value. Which direct feedback are you having in the international markets? Which are the countries in which you can see the biggest potential for the future?

A market that we are interested in and we are working on is France. It seems absurd but French people are great Prosecco’s admirers. Another company’s goal concerns the strengthening of the USA market which represent an important driver. We are also opening towards the East, in particular China and South Korea. The North Europe markets are more difficult due to tender and government monopolies.

You characterized your image through a young, fresh and current style. What are the goals of this choice?

Making the brand grow is our priority, which means putting our company’s values at the center, besides our product. We would like to be ready and captivating for the strategic markets and, for that, we are working on brand awareness.

Which are your ambitions and future goals?

We will start with direct marketing to be more present in the B2C market, through medium-long period projects. It is a future perspective but we are reasoning also on the possibility of developing hospitality, in particular in the Marche estate which benefits both from the proximity to the sea and from an already consolidated tourism system.