The place where this wine is born is of rare beauty, a medieval village transformed into a winery that enjoys a unique landscape: a green terrace, over the hills, overlooking the Soave Castle. An ancient Villa, a botanical park, the winery, the experimental vineyards are the Rocca Sveva’s driving force: a winery which has developed over time a culture of wine handed down through quality work. The typicality of the territory today is represented by the memory and future labels of Rocca Sveva. Soave Castelcerino means uniqueness, unrivaled to the advantage of that Garganega which turns out to be fresh, complex, harmonious, long-lived. A contemporary vine that allows itself to be interpreted in different ways and is consecrated as one of the most interesting white wines on the wine scene. The hilly area of ​​reference rests on calcareous soils and subsoils, increasing its aromas, finesse and structure.

The signature of Castelcerino Soave 2020 is defined by an expressiveness that gives a broad nose of flowers and fruit, the olfactory richness of green apple, yellow peach, a touch of sage and alpine herbs. The crunchy, savory and persistent palate is combined with a strong verticality that determines its great drinkability.

We suggest pairing with cod alla vicentina, served cool at a temperature of 10 degrees. We really liked the unusual combination with oysters and snails.

Company Profile

More than 120 years: a long history that has its roots in the earth and in the past. Founded in 1898, the winery is today a leading producer on both the national and international levels. It has become the benchmark expression of the main denominations of the Verona area. Cantina di Soave selects the best from its many hillside vineyards to make its most outstanding wines: the Rocca Sveva selection. Rocca Sveva estate is located right at the foot of the majestic medieval castle of Soave.

Rocca Sveva
Via Covergnino, 7
37038 Soave (VR)
Tel. 045.6139845