My name is Ruchè and I was born in the Asti area of ​​Monferrato. I am defined as one of the autochthonous wines of this area among the rarest ones grown in this area.

Let me tell you my story.

My name is supposed to derive from the convent of San Rocco (San Roc) in the municipality of Castagnole Monferrato, near which Cistercian monks from Burgundy implanted me for the first time, realizing that this was my ideal habitat. The winemakers forgot my existence till the 1960s, when the priest Don Giacomo Cauda, ​​assigned to Castagnole in 1964, brought me back to production with great dedication and a spirit of experimentation. After more than forty years, in 2010 I obtained the recognition of the Controlled and Guaranteed Designation of Origin (DOCG) which includes a total of 7 municipalities, including Montemagno, with over 160 cultivated hectares.

What kind of wine is made with your grapes?

My grapes give a particular wine: slightly aromatic, with relative low acidity, good alcohol content and balanced body and an original taste-olfactory impact.

Overall I always like to combine harmony and balance with softness and elegance. My glass is characterized by marked floral and spicy notes, sometimes combined with hints of wild berries and cherries that give a long persistence.

What are your interpretations for Tenuta Montemagno winery?

Two of my best interpretations find space in the portfolio of Tenuta Montemagno: Nobilis, a velvety and persistent wine characterized by great elegance, and Invictus, belonging to the Selection line. Born from the owner Tiziano Barea’s intuition, the expertise of the oenologist Gianfranco Cordero and the agronomist Maurizio Cerrato’s deep knowledge of the land, Invictus was born from ​​a late harvest. The grapes are brought to over-ripening to reduce acidity, raise the sugar content, structure and aromas. The compact and clayey soil surrounding Tenuta Montemagno, combined with the microclimate at the 45th parallel, give shape to a structured and sincere Ruchè, which becomes refined and elegant in the cellar. Nobilis is an elegant, velvety and persistent wine, a true “rarity” of grape, present only in this strip of Piedmont, it can only be grown in a restricted area around the Montemagno Estate.

Which dishes do you think you can best express your potential with?

As a good Piedmontese, I perfectly match the typical dishes of regional cuisine, whether they are the great first courses or second courses of meat, or the more modern interpretations of the classic Monferrato cuisine. The mother of all the recipes of the area are certainly the Agnolotti with roast sauce, a simple recipe that can also be made at home, in which my Nobilis version is used both during the preparation of the dish and as an ideal accompaniment. 

I also love to express my potential with a good plate of sushi, tandoori with potatoes  or with Asian cuisine in general. Invictus, the late harvest version, because of its deepness, structure and roundness, it is perfect together with lamb chops, the cheeses of medium seasoning as Raschera and Castelmagno and also with dark chocolate, since invictus is undoubtedly a wine for meditation.