By opening this Cartizze, we tried to discover the identity of a historic wine with solid roots in the Valdobbiadene area. The main grape variety is Glera, thus the winery’s productive vocation already emerges on the nose, where this Cartizze Brut by Ruggeri fully expresses its extremely elegant mineral note.
Ruggeri, historic winery in Valdobbiadene, brings to the attention of the consumer both a traditional and modern product, an excellent representative of an area highly suited to quality sparkling wines.
The color is truly particular with its soft notes of green, and on the nose this sparkling wine inebriates with its breadth of aromas ranging from spring fruits with white pulp up to notes of bergamot, to then close with spicy herbs and wildflowers.
Elegance is confirmed in the perlàge, well defined in length and finesse, a valid coordinator on the palate where it enhances the balance of the olfactory notes.
Full and round, it invites you to drink both for the mineral note and for the pleasant acidity, thus resulting well centered in its excellent softness.
Ruggeri once again demonstrates the culture and knowledge of skilful work in the cellar.
Undisputed prince of aperitifs, we paired it with pasta with leeks and salmon to savor its extraordinary balance.

Company Profile

Ruggeri is a historic winery founded in 1950 in Valdobbiadene the most evocative area of the entire Prosecco Superiore DOCG denomination. Ruggeri produces its sparkling wines from grapes grown in the splendid hills of Valdobbiadene, known for producing the highest quality grapes of the denomination. Right at the center of this territory lies the precious Cartizze hill, the most famous cru of the entire area. The constant striving for quality has resulted in Ruggeri becoming one of the key producers of Cartizze sparkling wine, so much that the logo of the winery symbolizes the enduring bond between Ruggeri and the most highly-prized and famous area in the entire Prosecco region.

Ruggeri & C. Srl

Via Pra’ Fontana 4
Valdobbiadene (TV) · Italia
+39 0423 9092