I’ve known Santa Sofia for many years. I was fortunate to follow the extraordinary growth of this company thanks to the expertise and experience in the winery of Giancarlo Begnoni, among the first winemakers to understand already in the 70’s the great potential of Valpolicella Classica. But Giancarlo’s oenological expertise has been combined for many years now with the great market vision of his son Luciano, one of the most dynamic and trained managers in the Veronese wine scene. For this reason tasting Amarone della Valpolicella Classico di Santa Sofia means to have a benchmark of reference of the quality profile that can be reached in this area that for some time we can consider one of the lands with the greatest viticultural vocation international.

The 2013 vintage absolutely convinced us, succeeding in confirming once again the style of Giancarlo Begnoni capable of combining elegance with an extraordinary drinkability, avoiding those excesses of power sometimes found in some interpretations of Amarone. There is a “trademark” now in the wines of Santa Sofia and this is synonymous with absolute guarantee for those who privilege elegance and finesse to power.

A thoughtful, constructed and far-sighted path that begins among the oldest rows of historic vineyards and continues in the cellar: 100 days of drying, 5 years in precious Slavonian oak barrels and 2 years in the bottle. A wait that gives the wine character, personality and balance for only 6093 bottles.

And the identity of Santa Sofia is evident in each of the bottles, with its freshness and pleasantness able to accompany moments of conviviality and meditation. With an intense red color, the 2013 envelops with the aromas of ripe red fruit such as black cherries, notes of coffee, pepper and toasted hazelnuts which give unprecedented dynamism to the wine between lively tannins and good acidity.

To the nose there are immediately clear notes of marasca cherry but also black berries. But to be even more intense are the balsamic hints and spicy notes of pink pepper in the first. In the mouth great balance, the “alcoholic heat” is felt but is always kept under control by a freshness that gives a unique drinkability. Great persistence with those fruity sensations that return to the finish. We paired it with a fine dinner based on long-aged cheeses from the classic Parmigiano Reggiano (60 months) to a Monte Veronese Stravecchio (over two years) and to close a fantastic Bitto of long maturation (almost 5 years).

Company Profile

Santa Sofia is an historical winery which headquarters and vineyards are located both in Valpolicella Classica and Eastern Valpolicella. The company has been producing wines in the cellars nearby the Palladian villa since 1811 and exports in 60 countries all around the world. The style is authentic, elegant and expressive, always coherent with Valpolicella’s native grapes characteristics.

Santa Sofia
via Cà Dedè 61, frazione Pedemonte di Valpolicella
San Pietro in Cariano, VR 37029 IT
+39 045 770 1074
www.santasofia.com – info@santasofia.com