This sparkling wine is formed from the unpolluted scenery of Sardinia, an island of sandy beaches and a lush mountainous hinterland, and it gathers the worth of a valuable grape such as Torbato, luscious clusters from calcareous soils taken from the seabed.

Alghero’s bubbles are clothed in pink tones this time, complemented and accentuated by a combination of natural red berry grapes. The wines are picked and constructed from diverse particles to offer the glass the originality and diversity of a location told in all its true richness.

Tension, freshness, and vitality fill the palate with harmony, while the fragrances of a new cuvée evoke “joie de vivre,” lightheartedness, joy, and elegance. Delicious scents of small berries, raspberries, dark berries of myrtle, honeysuckle, and Mediterranean scrub slowly emerge, anticipating the acidulous touch of citrus, becoming the opening words for a journey that deepens the harmonies of an open terroir to passion and culture, to good wines and places of sun and wind, and that will undoubtedly make you fall in love.

A well-defined mouth with a sapid and mineral finish lends itself to mixtures of marine breath.

Company Profile

Sella & Mosca is an outburst of nature. Its home is in Alghero, an enchanted corner of Sardinia, where it was founded by two adventurous men from Piedmont, from whom it takes its name: Sella, an Engineer and the grandson of the prominent statesman Quintino Sella, and Mosca, an Attorney. Even today, the winery is characterized by this spirit of innovation, driven to express the characteristics of the Sardinian terroir in the best way possible, just as it was conceived by its founders. Sella & Mosca has chosen some of the most coveted areas. I Piani, north of Alghero, is the largest single estate. It covers 650 hectares in a sunny plain caressed by the mistral, with an incredible botanical garden surrounded by over 520 hectares of vineyards. The estate is joined by smaller lots in Gallura, in the northeast part of the island and Giba, in Sulcis, on the southwest coast between Capo Teulada and the Iglesiente range.

Sella & Mosca

Località I Piani
Alghero, SS 07041 IT
+39 079 997700