Being an ambassador of a territory is first and foremost a responsibility, and in this wine (which not by chance recalls the story of a great Italian Ambassador during the turbulent years of the 800s in our peninsula), we can find the Sardinian territory identity paired with an international vineyard with authentic depth.

Sella&Mosca’s quality and value gave birth to this remarkable representative of a distinct terroir and micro climate that encloses the strength and concreteness of a place on this Island with everlasting appeal.

The deep red tones of Marchese di Villamarina’s color foreshadow its olfactory expansion. Its essence is enveloped in a Mediterranean scrub scent with notes of roasted coffee, leather, red fruit, and oriental spices. It has a rich, balanced, and harmonious structure in the mouth, leaving a lasting, well-defined, pleasant tannic impression on the tongue.

The pairing potential of Marchese di Villamarina wine allows for some wonderful surprises. Appreciated with baked pasta and game meat, it may also take the stage at the conclusion of a meal with friends.

Company Profile

A placid expanse of vineyards stretching as far as the eye can see, over 520 hectares, just 10 km from Alghero in northwest Sardinia. Sella&Mosca boasts one of the largest contiguous vineyards in Europe, surrounded by a triumph of nature: 3,000 spectacularly flowering oleanders, 500 palm trees as well as numerous maritime pines and eucalyptus trees protecting the vineyards. A 5-hectare oasis of Mediterranean scrub, with an inland lake, it is a natural treasure trove of biodiversity and shelter for wildlife species; all the energy of a sunny land, which has always been caressed by saline winds, is expressed in the kaleidoscope of emotions and scents that is Sella&Mosca. The estate was founded in 1899 by a fortunate intuition of the two enterprising Piedmontese whose names it bears: engineer Erminio Sella, grandson of the famous minister Quintino, and lawyer Edgardo Mosca. The estate became part of the world of Terra Moretti Vino, at the behest of Vittorio Moretti and his daughter Francesca, the family winemaker, in 2016. Today it represents a leading winery in the Sardinian territory. New cultivation methods, with a focus on historic native varieties, and new technological innovation processes have enabled the production of contemporary wines, leading to a new winemaking tradition in Sardinia.

Alghero, SS 07041 IT

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