The Carignano of Siddùra (a red wine made from Carignano grapes, a red grape type of Spanish origin that is well established even in the French territory) is intended to evoke the colors and fragrances of a wild nature of remarkable beauty and characteristically Sardinian. It is considered to be one of the most revered varieties of Sardinian enology and is wholly unique to the island. Customers and manufacturers have both shown an interest in it in recent years. It is vigorous, producing color, tannins, and acidity on a consistent and copious basis.
The winery’s newest release, Èstru di Siddùra (“inspiration” in Sardinian) is created exclusively from Carignano grapes cultivated in the lower Sulcis vineyards and handled directly by the company’s staff. After a period of aging in the historic cellar of Luogosanto, in the heart of Gallura, it is proposed in purity to be drunk as a young wine.
A universal Carignano with deep ruby red hues and beautiful blackberry, blueberry, and dark plum notes. It traces a sip of strength and freshness in a finish of warmth and tactile sensations of velvet and volume, and it connects with thyme, strawberry tree, helichrysum, and white pepper to touch the floral and Mediterranean nuances of fragrant herbs.
To be served slightly cold with a Neapolitan-style mussel soup.

Company Profile

Siddùra was born from the discovery made by one entrepreneur who identified and fell in love with an abandoned but enchanting property in the heart of Gallura, collecting the legacy of an ancient wine production that in the fifties of the last century already bottled vermentino to sell on the nearby market . The company has made Sardinia a brand of purity, tradition, quality and innovation. The vines, concentrated in forty hectares, are subdivided according to the type of wine to be produced. The vineyard’s slogan “Sardegna in purezza”, considered by the owner as a guarantee, represents the entrepreneurial philosophy which is ever-present in the stories and photographs of Siddùra. The wines received over 450 medals.

Località Siddùra, Luogosanto (OT), Sardegna
Tel.079 6573027