Refosco dal peduncolo rosso represents one of those vines so unique in the ampelographic richness of our peninsula, because it also belongs to those individualities so strong and rooted that when we are in the presence of them the tasting gives us very often forgotten aspects. In the case of this beautiful Friulian reality in the province of Udine, the skilful work to give first and foremost to the sense of smell is the identity of this vine worked exclusively in steel. Refosco is by no means a simple wine, if only for its history and for its characteristics so ancient and at the same time very modern that distinguish it.
It is a cornerstone of Friulian viticulture, and already in pouring it expresses its bouquet so complex and distinctly true, with notes that touch the balsamic notes of ripe and acidulous red fruits, a verve on the nose that ranges over well-tended floral and light spices well pronounced.
The drink is a sip of authentic and fascinating pleasure in its healthy rusticity, it fully encloses the olfactory flavors in the mouth, adding that never exasperated but well-pronounced body, the soft and decisive note of the finish completes it perfectly.
Full and balanced, ready and with a pleasantly acid note that recalls the drink, we found the Refosco di Stocco really very modern and can be combined with a very wide range of dishes, from slightly seasoned cured meats to a carpaccio of fassona, passing from a plate of gnocchi alla sorrentina or a caciucco alla livornese, this Refosco satisfies with balance and charm. Congratulations to the work in the cellar but above all in the vineyard for this Friulian example of transversality and uniqueness.

Company Profile

The name “Stocco” derives from the ancient Italian word for “sword”. The old family crest has long been a symbol of our identity and values: strength, firmness and respect for the land. Our work is guided by these values and is devoted to capturing the scents of our terroir, the “Grave”, so as to craft wines that give you the pleasure of uncovering the nuances, the unique character and the perfect elegance of the Stocco Friulan Wines.

Azienda Agricola Stocco
Via Casali Stocco, 12
Bicinicco, UD, 33050, Italy 
+39 0432 934906