Ziller 47 is a new wine, highly modern in flavor but still loyal to Trapani’s traditions, capable of evoking a region’s culture and the beauty of a vine like Grillo in a pre-British interpretation.

Despite its high alcohol content (16%), Ziller 47 is not a fortified wine.
Ziller was created as a result of the union of three vintages, 2010, 2011 and 2012 and is the offspring of the infinite time of the people and peasant custom of Marsala, but above all the son of a single barrel: the one chosen to age with wine.
Since the beginning of the initiative, only the wine of that vintage has been stored in cask.

It is the monovarietal Grillo, a diverse and bountiful vine in terms of places, territories, and climates, that creates a diverse spectrum of organoleptic elements, beginning with sea salt and progressing to flowers such as orange blossom and rose hips, candied apricots, cedar and dried figs, sultanas, and almond paste.
Bright in its amber colors, it is fragrant, dry, intense, balanced, vibrating on the palate between salinity and freshness, vigor and taste. Without fanfare, he plays the card of seductive maturity in the memory of the creator, Michele Sala (“Ziller” for close buddies).

Perfect at 14 degrees, accompanied with a dish of seasoned and spicy cheeses. Also goes well with oysters.

Company Profile

In the sunny days when Clara and Annamaria walk among the vineyard rows it seems to hear the voice of Dora, that special great-grandmother who knew all the secrets and hidden wonders of her land. Today she would look with pride at her family and at what was born from her sowing in the Gorghi Tondi reserve. The story of the estate began more than 100 years ago but it was in 2000 that Michele Sala, father of Annamaria and Clara, decided with his wife Doretta and daughters to start bottling the good and the beauty that have always surrounded them. Annamaria and Clara have taken over from their father and today they continue to take care of that dream. Gorghi Tondi is located in a nature preserve, a crossroads between sea, sun and earth that enhanced the grapes with its majestic complexity. Here, 130 hectares of vineyards are worked with skillful hands and an eye to the future to produce organic and unforgettable wines.

Tenuta Gorghi Tondi

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