We never expected that one day we would also have to worry about psychological or sociological issues. Or rather, we believed that these aspects would be addressed only concerning consumer dynamics, the evolution of consumer tastes and lifestyles.

Today, however, we are forced to confront issues such as fear, anguish, disorientation, the lack of rationality.
And we cannot pretend anything, thinking that these are problems far from us because we have to deal with them daily.

Even in our activity as “wine journalists” we are bombarded with bad news every day by entrepreneurs who talk about their daily worries. Those, draw nefarious pictures on the present and future of the sector.
“We will lose 90% of our turnover.”
“We will have the cellars full at the next harvest, and it will be the end.”
To mention two of the most frequent communications these days.

At this point, it’s not worth seeking the truth behind the negativeness of what’s said.
This crisis is bringing out the well-known disparity of realities, unveiling the ones having a challenging time, and, on the other hand, others that are even growing.
The most real and most worrying thing is that fear has pervaded everything and is influencing everything. We do not want to deal with a philosophical treatise about the difference between fear and anguish, the first to be considered as a positive feeling because it puts you on alert against an objective danger, the second, however, dangerous because it paralyzes you in front of something unknown.

Although, when fear becomes a permanent constant in our life, it inevitably turns into anguish.
Indeed, you don’t need to be a follower of Freud or Jung, to realize that today the most challenging thing we have to face is the capability of distinguishing the real dangers from anxieties.
It is also equally evident that the current difficulties of science to give us specific answers and politics to provide us with precise rules regularly feeds what we can today call the “dictatorship of fear”.
Even from the comparison with the people closest to us, both in private and professional life, we realize that there is a state of permanent conflict between feelings. On the one hand, the attempt to rationalize the problems as well as trying to read reality objectively, and on the other, a distressing feeling that everything is in vain, that things can only get worse.
By now, it is enough reading the daily articles, written by very lucid and enlightened observers, to realize that these “contradictions” are also emerging in them.
And when plans are lost, when rationality and irrationality mix continuously without any possibility of control, it is clear that the consequences can be hazardous.

It is, therefore, no wonder that politics is in this permanent state of confusion. A clear picture is now given by the different regulations between region and region, correctly representing somehow what is the main objective of the dictatorship of fear: generate chaos. In confusion, any proposal, even the craziest that appears to give a semblance of order, still looks the best. Can we manage not to fall into the dangerous maze of fear dictatorship? First of all, in our opinion, we must admit to ourselves that it is challenging to defend oneself from it. We aimed at a feeling that is far more powerful than any atomic weapon.

Therefore, if we admit this danger, we recognize it; this may be the first best deterrent to defend ourselves or in any case not to suffer it ultimately.
In our opinion, it is not a matter of becoming unconscious – unfortunately, the dictatorship of fear leads to considering every “independent” thought as a danger – but to try to distinguish what is the result of an objective analysis from what is instead a fear without any rational foundation. 
What we are facing is undoubtedly a tough challenge. Still, it can also turn into an “extraordinary” exercise for wine entrepreneurs and managers who, however, must and will always have to face exams, with choices to be made almost always in complex conditions. In recent years we have met many manufacturers who have told us about their challenges to be successful, how much effort and obstacles they have had to face to make their companies competitive. Try in such an awkward moment to recover that memory, maybe even the memory of those who preceded you, allowing you to inherit extraordinary realities
You did it; we can do it, even now.