Tommasi Winery prides itself on having a long family history, which alone guarantees the quality and craftsmanship that the company has upheld for over 120 years.

This historic Veronese cellar, from the vineyard to the bottling, is coordinated by a team of expert agronomists and oenologists. Their goal is to create a consistently recognized quality across all products, including “Fornaci,” a Lugana well-presented in its packaging, which we had the pleasure of tasting today.

This product also embodies the energy of the southern shores of Lake Garda and is part of a range where red wines traditionally serve as ambassadors.

In the glass, its brilliant yellow color with greenish nuances speaks of clear aromas of spring flowers and white-pulp fruits. The elegant tropical notes at the end enhance the bouquet.

On the palate, it opens with a harmonious complexity from which the typical mineral note of Lugana emerges. Indeed, the morainic soils lend a distinctive character to the vines grown in this area.

Featuring great intensity and length, the tasting concludes with a hint of fresh almond and a savory, slightly acidic touch that stimulates the palate.

With the Fornaci, Tommasi’s history in the international wine scene closely aligns with the tastes of modern Italian cuisine around the world, characterized by fresh, simply processed ingredients that are always well-balanced. It serves wonderfully as an aperitif with finger food featuring crustaceans and vegetables and pairs well with pasta dishes in white sauces or grilled fish.

Company Profile

Since the acquisition of the first small parcel of land in Valpolicella Classica by Giacomo Tommasi, hard work and a commitment to managing every aspect of company growth have defined Tommasi Family Estates. This deep connection to the land, people, and markets has sharpened business insight and driven strategic innovation. Throughout its history, the company has maintained a steadfast respect and love for the traditions and unique qualities that characterize this historic wine region.
Three driving factors—an attentive ear to change, respect for place, and high-quality production—position Tommasi among Italy’s leading wine producers. The strength and unity of the family are fundamental to the company’s success.
The vision of Tommasi Family Estates places the wellbeing of people at the center of all activities, striving to bring the excellence of Italy’s wines and the taste for the “bella vita” to every corner of the world. The company views the land as a long-term commitment, cultivating it with the utmost care and respect in a pact of trust between man and nature. This trust and transparency extend to all stakeholders, fostering humility and a constant drive for improvement.
Tommasi aims to surprise and delight clients and partners by creating unforgettable moments and products that are beautiful, good, and well-made, while responding efficiently to satisfy the most demanding needs and wishes.

Tommasi Family Estates
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Giancarlo Tommasi
Giancarlo Tommasi – Technical director and winemaker