In the world of wine tourism, wine is undoubtedly the undisputed protagonist. However, focusing exclusively on winecan transform a potentially extraordinary experience into a mere tasting.

Centering everything on wine without considering other crucial elements can compromise visitor satisfaction.

When Wine Takes Center Stage

A common mistake in wine tourism experiences is to offer numerous glasses of wine without adequate food. While experts are used to tasting, spitting, and handling large amounts of wine, ordinary visitors are not. We should ask ourselves:

“Do you enjoy drinking three glasses of wine one after another with nothing to eat?” “Can you truly value and appreciate each wine and, therefore, decide to purchase it without proper accompaniment?” The answer is probably no. So consider some simple pairings, perhaps raise the price of the visit a bit, but allow visitors to experience the best of what your wine can offer.

The Overload of Technical Information

Another frequent error is believing that the value of wine resides exclusively in its technical and organoleptic characteristics. During tastings, there is a tendency to overwhelm visitors with technical details and a flood of information. But do we really think that these are understood and remembered? Or would it be better to provide simpler explanations that allow visitors to understand and talk about the wine with their friends, making the experience more memorable and significant?

The Exaggeration of Varieties

There are those who generously offer six different expressions of the same wine, without realizing that most guests will not perceive these nuances. It might be better to let them taste three wines, explaining the differences between them more clearly. This not only facilitates understanding but also makes the experience less exhausting and more enjoyable for non-expert visitors. We must remember that sometimes overabundance is counterproductive!

The Importance of Context and Hospitality

A successful wine tourism experience cannot do without context and hospitality. The beauty of the territory, the history of the winery, the warm welcome, and the sharing of anecdotes and stories related to wine are all elements that contribute to creating an indelible memory. Transparency and direct connection with guests are essential aspects to bring out the authentic identity of our company and our product.

Only in this way can wine truly shine in the right context, offering an unforgettable experience to anyone who decides to embark on this journey with us and perhaps leave with a few more bottles purchased!