The Teramo hills are one of the top wine-growing regions in Abruzzo, and hence in Italy. The Valori company, which has been acknowledged as one of Abruzzo’s most fascinating producers since 1996, has knowledge that allows the Sant’Angelo vineyard to make tiny amounts of wine of the highest quality.
We tried the Montepulciano d’Abruzzo Vigna Sant’Angelo Riserva 2015 and were blown away by its ability to mix force with grace and balance. The use of wood (fresh barriques for 18–20 months) for refining has been dosed with great competence to soothe the boisterous tannins of Montepulciano d’Abruzzo.
The nose quickly reveals characteristics of dark fruit (blueberries, blackberries, and plums), but in jam form, as well as sophisticated balsamic and tannic acid overtones. It enters the tongue with fruity flavors that reappear and is harmonic, warm, and lingering.
We tasted it combined with a wild boar stew and it was simply perfect.

Company Profile

Chiamami quando piove – Valori is a modern and up-to-date winery, rooted in one of the best wine-making areas of Abruzzo, the Teramo Hills, where it stretches over 14 hectares between the villages of Sant’Omero and Controguerra. Founded by Luigi Valori in Sant’Omero in 1996, today it produces about 125,000 bottles a year for a total of 5 labels, including fresh wines and reserves, in which the native Abruzzi varieties predominate, with an important exception. Our view relies on the commitment to research and integrate skills, innovation and love for our land to promote innovative organic agriculture that combines the best of tradition and contemporary tech, to guarantee its customers healthy and safe products and safeguard the environment with the least polluting methods.

Valori Srl | Società Agricola

Via Torquato al Salinello 8,
Sant’Omero, Teramo
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