The bright yellow color of this Prosecco Extra Dry by Vigna Dogarina is enriched by brilliant nuances and a truly prestigious perlage thanks to its finesse and intensity. Intense and well-defined aromas in the wide floral and fruity range are typical of this Extra Dry, and they already enhance the softness on the nose which we will then find harmoniously on the palate as well.

The Glera vine, the absolute protagonist of this product, is cultivated with passion and true knowledge by the technicians of Vigna Dogarina, thus obtaining the best bases in the cellar to obtain the result we tasted in the glass.

An Extra Dry Prosecco that fully rediscovers all the olfactory sensations on the palate, to which must be added the balance towards the softness and the excellent acidity that is never over the top.

Long in its aftertaste, it leaves the aromas of fresh fruit in every part of the mouth and its perlage becomes a precious ally also for combinations in the kitchen. From fried fish, to pasta with sardines, up to fresh cheeses, this vintage Prosecco Extra Dry, fantastic protagonist of the aperitif, proves to be increasingly modern and linear with the path taken by Italian cuisine in the world.

Company Profile

Vigna Dogarina – Gruppo Vi.V.O. Cantine is a wine-producing company dedicated to quality wines, where the utmost attention to every single detail, from managing the work in the vineyard right up to bottling, enables to achieve excellent standards.

A solid wine-making experience, combined with the use of the most modern technologies, allows Vigna Dogarina – Gruppo Vi.V.O. Cantine to produce modern and elegant wines; wines which are the maximum expression of its territory, in an area that is rich in history with important cities such as Venice and Treviso.

Thanks to its photovoltaic system, the company is able to cover its entire energy needs, minimizing emissions while fully respecting the environment.

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