Villa Sandi, well-known brand, property of Moretti Polegato family and key testimonial of Prosecco in the most important international wine markets, in collaboration with Wine Meridian, finalized a survey on some Prosecco key international markets: Canada, UK, Australia and Russia. 

The survey wanted to analyze, from a global point of view, the Prosecco state of health in its different typologies (DOC and DOCG) to understand the development dynamics and to implement strategies able to grant Prosecco competitiveness even in the near future. 

In particular, the survey focused on these aspects: 

  • estimate on Prosecco markets actual state 
  • estimate on Prosecco position 
  • perception on Prosecco Denomination and differences between Prosecco DOC and Superior DOCG 
  • estimate and previews on future growth
  • suitable actions to grand the right Prosecco position and image
  • Villa Sandi brand knowing and perception

The survey analyzed closely the Prosecco markets through the direct answers from importers, distributors, resellers, owners of wine shops, restaurateurs, masters of wine, sommelier, journalists, opinion leaders and experts. 

“Only deepening the Prosecco development” underlined Flavio Geretto, Global Export Director of Villa Sandi, “it will be possible to grant a positive future to this wine typology, which is so strategic for many wine companies in our Country”

The survey revealed relevant key elements, which we underline here: 

  • the majority of the participants (57,3%) considers excellent the Prosecco Performance
  • the majority of consumers is not able to recognize the difference between Prosecco DOC and Prosecco Valdobbiadene Conegliano Superiore DOCG. The 80% of the sample thinks that this difference is not clearly perceived in their own market, and only 3% of them consider this difference to be clear. 
  • 65%of the interviewed consider the Prosecco positioning on the market to be adequate
  • 47% declares that Prosecco’s strength is for its price to be more competitive than the others sparkling wines
  • 33% of the interviewed sample underlines that Prosecco should focus more on the denomination and on the territory distinction (DOC, DOCG, Rive, etc.)

The survey brought to light a substantial trust in the near future: according to professionals in the field, Prosecco not only will continue to grow in the 4 markets taken into consideration, but the majority of the sample (56%) answers that the growth will be between 10% and 30% in the next two years.

Regarding the knowing of Villa Sandi and its brand perception, 70% of the sample knows the brand and values it positively (45%). 

In conclusion, these results indicate that Prosecco has more growing potential in terms of reputation and quality to avoid being perceived by consumers ad a “commodity” and to have a “cheap” image. 

More focus on the origin denomination and on territory distinction (DOC, DOCG, Rive, etc.) is necessary and it is also essential to educate consumers in order to make them able to identify the differences between Prosecco DOC and Prosecco Valdobbiadene Conegliano Superiore DOCG.