Trentino is among the biggest Italian wine areas present at ProWein 2023.  

One of the best representations of this territory, collecting 91 members,15 cooperatives and over 6000 winegrowers, the Consortium Vini del Trentino is attending the fair with a stand, in collaboration with collaboration with Trentino Marketing (Halle 15 / E51) that is hosting a wide selection of the best wines from Trentino Appellations. The area dedicated to Trentino is hosting 12 wineries belonging to the Consortium Vini del Trentino.

The 2022 vintage

The 2022 harvest represents for Trentino a year with a production higher than the average of the last decade (+ 8%), from the point of view of the quantity of grapes. The harvest of the wineries that belong to the Vini del Trentino has in fact reached the figure of 1,240,115 quintals of grapes in 2022, with an increase of 13% compared to the 2021 vintage (a rather poor vintage).

Graziano Molon, director of the Consortium Vini del Trentino, recalls that “the German market represents Trentino’s second largest export market after the United States and before Great Britain, but international operators from every foreign market are meeting at next ProWein. This is why it is even more important to be present and above all to organize an agenda full of appointments from the previous months”. In addition to monitoring the market, for the Consortium Vini del Trentino the main driver of communication is still sustainability, sanctioned with the creation of the first Sustainability Report, the first report written by an Italian Consortium.