Vivaldi is the new project by Cantina Valpolicella Negrar which focuses on the city of Verona.

The project’s aim is to represent under a collective name, bringing Verona’s major districts together, all of the Veronese area wines.

The domains of interests are: Soave, Valpolicella, Custoza, Bardolino and Garda.

The project, not only opens up a new spectrum of possibilities thank to the partnership with Negrar – one of the most important Soave Calssico producers –, but it also focuses entirely on Verona city, famous for its beauty, history and connection to William Shakespeare himself.

Vivaldi is rooted in Verona, a contemporary and young city where wine represents the truest identity of this Italian region.

The project’s name refers to Antonio Vivaldi – the talented composer who created “The four seasons” – because it wants to inspire a new approach to wine, with continuous inputs and ideas exchange.

Vivaldi is a brand-new concept that goes beyond production and infrastructures: it creates a space for new possibilities and creative freedom to share and compose mutually.

Cantina Valpolicella Negrar – 4 times best Italian Cooperative Winery of the year – is the main associate and partner of the project where mutual collaboration between colleagues is a key point to induce and authentic spirit of cooperation.

Vivaldi and Cantina Valpolicella Negrar share the interest in human relations, the care and the respect for both internal and external environment.

Verona embraces multiple territories: from Est Verona, passing through the Monti Lessini and arriving to the Garda Lake. In this spectrum of territories, wines adapt to different climatic changes thanks to waterways, the territory’s quality and hills that surround the whole area.


Soave is the name of an ancient medieval village on the East Area of Verona, a historical part of the Veronese area where white wines have always been produced in great numbers.

The territory is characterized by volcanic soils, basalts and effusive rocks with limestone presence.


Valpolicella is a territory that spreads from Valle d’Illasi to the Val d’Adige borders; it is one of the three districts of the Great Italian Red Wines, together with Tuscany and Piedmont.

The area keeps carrying out the ancient Appassimento tradition: the art of drying the grapes in order to incentivize flavors and sugars. Appassimento is the process, famous all over the world, used for the production of Amarone, Ripasso and Recioto della Valpolicella.


The Garda Lake is known all over the world to be “a little freshwater sea” that attracts tourists and visitors. It is the perfect destination for sportsmen, outdoor and nature lovers and wine-tourists; it has become the real symbol of Italian Lifestyle.

With fresh waters, coasts surrounding territories, colors, perfumes and Corvina, Garganega and Pinot Grigio vineyards make the Garda Lake an attractive and lively area.


Custoza wines with their directness and frankness represent outdoor lunches and the typical Italian Sundays in the countryside.


It is one of the most suggestive villages in the Garda Lake shores, bordering the Valpolicella area. It is the place where fresh and fruity red and rosé wines are produced.

Vivaldi project is a metaphorical journey through the city of Verona, aiming to create a complete portfolio of ready-to-drink wines that are one of the showpieces of the territory.