Since its inception, Wine Meridian has been involved in a strategic business for wineries: wine tourism. In fact, our firm has visited more than 450 wineries worldwide so far, and the knowledge we’ve garnered in the industry has helped us receive Iter Vitis’ Best Wine Tourism Communication Tool Award in 2022 for our newsletter.

Our accomplishments led us to look toward the next destination: after touring the cellars of France, Spain, South Africa, and many other nations, we will travel to the United States for 40 days in the summer of 2023.

We will stop by 100 businesses in 16 American states, from the well-known giants of Napa Valley to the lesser-known ones of New Mexico, to see how they welcome wine visitors. Sometimes we will introduce ourselves as we arrive at their gates, while other times we will go unnoticed.

We are positive that this adventure will provide us with a priceless treasure of information, which we will share and remark on with our community as we always do.