Without a doubt, the wine sales phase at the end of a visit is the most delicate step for hospitality managers. In fact, for those who are not experienced sellers, the topic of “money” is often a danger zone to avoid for as long as possible.

Here are some actions you can take right away:

  • Once the tasting is over, allow visitors to finish their wine tasting on their own and inform them that you will wait for them at the wine shop. This way, they can relax, discuss, and come to their own conclusions;
  • Indicate the prices already in the wine presentation sheets: this way, the wine tourist will arrive at the wine shop with clear ideas;
  • During the tasting, specify right away if you offer the opportunity to taste extra glasses and indicate their cost;
  • Make the wines and prices clearly visible in the wine shop; avoid the visitor the embarrassment of having to ask.

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All these efforts are, however, useless if your wine shop does not have the essential payment tools: the POS and the ability to give change are fundamental requirements for any type of shop!

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