Zaccagnini – the well-known Italian wine cellar based in Abruzzo’s heart – carried out an interesting analysis with the goal of sounding out the UK market’s perception of the Italian brand.

The Italian cellar led 47 interviews to importers, sommelier and buyers.

What emerged is that:

  • 69,3% of the people interviewed are familiar with the Zaccagnini brand
  • 36% of the people interviewed would rate Zaccagnini as a good brand while 9,3% of them would rate it as excellent.
  • 14,5% of the interviewees would associate the Zaccagnini brand to high quality products, 18,4% of them see Zaccagnini as a leading brand, 13,2% of the people interviewed consider the Italian cellar as an historically significant brand and 17,2% value Zaccagnini as a brand with a high level of reliability

The majority of the interviewees recommend Zaccagnini to provide tastings inside the shops to enhance the reputation of the cellar.

In conclusion, this analysis underlined that more emphasis should be put on the denomination and on the territorial distinctions since, even though the brand is evaluated positively by almost half of the interviewees, most of them do not know the brand and do not associate it to any precise value.
There is no clear vision of who the main Zaccagnini’s competitors are since the answers are heterogeneous.