If we were to find a definition of the wine market in Denmark, it would be definitely curious. Despite being a recent market that of wine, developed over the last 50 years, consumers prove to be curious and they look for variety, without sacrificing the quality/price ratio. Italy is a country certainly appreciated by the Danes and the image matters a lot. This is what emerges from the interview to Per Thorup, Sales Manager of Husted Vin (www.hustedvin.dk), one of the largest importer of wine in Denmark.

What is your view of the Italian wine potential in Denmark?
I see a huge potential. The customers know the classic appellations, but the Danish average consumer is very curious and especially in the sector of specialized wine shops where it is possible to get advice (in contrary of the largest part of supermarkets) when they are shown interesting wines from rather unknown districts they will try it. It is the responsibility of the producers to make sure that the price/value ratio for these products is interesting.

Do you think that Italian wines have a good price/value ratio?
I find that many Italian producers are very focused on their own product and only use knowledge from their own market. This is difficult when they try to enter a new market with products that are rather unknown in this market. I find that they tend to be too optimistic in pricing.

What is your advice to Italian producers looking to enter your market?
My advice is to find good importers and really listen to the importers advice about prizing.
Not all, but many importers are not focused on a short time profit but long time relations and will gladly take the risk to be first-mover in special wines from unknown districts.

What do you think of the potential of the online world and social networks to promote the wine?
The Danish customers are highly into Facebook and other social medias and it is an obvious platform to work in. We already do it a lot with our Spanish producers, who are clever enough to translate their posts in English.