Italian wines story-telling for the international audience. This is Italian Wines in the World, the English publication published by Wine Meridian (Absit Daily, publisher), that will be officially presented at Prowein (D�sseldorf) on March 15th, at 5 pm at Consorzio del Soave stand (Hall 15-A41) and at Vinitaly in Verona, on March 24th, at 5 pm (Hall 5-G4/7).
Why did Wine Meridian decide to make a new wine guide, despite the vast choice of guides already available on Italian wines? Simply because this is not a guide. The philosophy of the publication is not to express any judgement, but to give voice and tell about stories of wine. “We started from the sensation that the world knows only a handful of our wines. We no doubt own the largest varietal diversity in the world; and yet we tell the world only about our usual, albeit extraordinarily influential, wines” explains Fabio Piccoli, Executive editor of Wine Meridian.

Italian Wines in the World was born by the choice to tell about all that Italian wine territories can offer: types of wine, production areas and production types that up to now were less known at international level. Less known, but no less authoritative products, are placed side by side with long-standing companies.
In the book Wine Meridian staff has collected 300 profiles of Italian wineries, represented by two of their best wines, which are told through their organoleptic characteristics and possible pairings. Unlike the official wine guides, Wine Meridian asked Italian companies to freely select the wines that they believe best represent their productive philosophy and their territory and, at the same time, that are capable of being Italy�s ambassador wines in the world.
“We have selected a special panel of wine tasters. Along the so-called professionals (journalists, enologists, sommeliers, etc.) we have selected a number of wine lovers and a number of our international colleagues and friends who were asked to tell about our wines, speaking with the voice of cultural diversity. We�d like Italian Wines in the World to be perceived as the advice that an Italian or non-Italian friend would give to consumers, buyers, and opinion leaders from all over the world” explains Lavinia Furlani, Editor-in-chief. The guide is also the occasion to give the first Italian Wine List Awards, created by Wine Meridian to award those international restaurants that, through their wine list, value and promote Italian wines in the world. The name of the winner will be given during the official presentation.

Finally, Italian Wines in the World was an interesting choice to make some considerations. The first is that the Italian regions that are already established at an international level are also those that are more enthusiastic when it comes to participating in advertising offers. It�s not by chance then that Veneto, Toscana and Piemonte are the first three regions which we talk about in our book. Another important consideration is the choice of many companies to offer wines that are less known, but by no means less interesting than the more “established” wines. “In our opinion this shows a desire to present and promote a country which makes more informed choices when it comes to wine and has much to say to wine enthusiasts all over the world. This is why we are very proud to have contributed to this project” concludes Fabio Piccoli.