What does it mean to be a Sicilian wineproducer? We asked that to Vincenzo Pollara, an authentic Sicilian winemaker, the owner of Principe di Corleone (www.principedicorleone.it) with one hundred years tradition in wine making.Excellence in a glass is the motto of the winery from Monreale, near Palermo.Principe di Corleone harmonious wines reflect the authenticity of an exceptional land like Sicily.

How was the winery born?
Our winery was born in 1892 when my great grandfather Giuseppe Pollara decided to found it.
This is a family business that began in the late 19th century when Giuseppe bought the winery by Prince of Corleone.
Later in the Sixties my grandfather Leoluca reconverted vineyards and finally in the decade 1980-90, the period of rebirth of Sicilian wine production, new vineyards were planted: nero d’ Avola, Inzolia, Nerello mascalese, Grillo, and also Cabernet Sauvignon, Pinot, Chardonnay, Syrah.
In the same period a new modern cellar was built, where thanks to wine experts and our modern technology we enhance the excellence oh what nature gives us.

How did your passion for wine born?
Pollara family has always been able to convey over the years in Italy and abroad the culture and the value of the wines produced in Sicily. Our task is to give a future to the work undertaken by the founder Giuseppe Pollara in 1892.

Describe your wines…
Prince of Corleones wines are synonym of excellence, elegance and sophistication. They are labels with a contemporary taste produced with not only local but also international grapes, that in Sicily find a new and unmistakable personality.

Which adjective would you give to your winery?
Excellence in a glass.

Which adjective defines you, as winemaker?
Respectful of nature.

Which limits and resources do you find in this job?
There are a lot of limits. First of all, the high concurrence and the difficulty in finding adequate human resources.

Tell us something about you
I am strongly convinced that the quality of wine comes primary from the vineyard. My priority is to dedicate continuously in the maintenance of vines, in the development of the winery and in the research programs about cultivations.

Which attitude has the company toward international markets?
The company has a good attitude to export. Our wines, especially authoctone and reserves, are appreciated in many European countries as Germany, Switzerland, Belgium, Holland, Malta, UK but also in the USA and Japan.
Next years we will explore new markets like Ireland, Sweden, Norway and Denmark.

Can you tell me a story about your winery?
In 1970 my grandfather met an old French friend who had come to Sicily to work as enologist. In front of an Italian “granita” in a bar near Quattro Canti of Palermo, historical place in the city, they chatted about the impressions of the French about Italy. The enologist appreciated Sicilian fertility and climate conditions which gave the grapes a rare aroma. He suggested Leoluca introduce international vineyards. So my grandfather began to cultivate Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon vineyards.
After many years confirmation to this intuition is our wine Quattro Canti, a contemporary blend which is deeply rooted in an old friendship born by the same passion for land and its fruits.