Four brothers and a passion, born in the family vineyards of San Zeno di Colognola, the Valpolicella area where the most famous Veronese wines are produced: Amarone, Valpolicella, Soave.
Tenuta Sant’Antonio was founded in 1989 when the Castagnedi brothers bought 30 hectares of land around Mezzane, which, added to the paternal property, lead to the current extension of 50 hectares. Today Tenuta Sant’Antonio is a well-established and known winery. We met Armando, one of the four brothers and soul of the sales decisions, and soon after the brother Tiziano joined us. So we had a double interview�

Why did you choose this job?
In the past my three brothers and I worked in the vineyard with our father. We are first of all grape growers. When we started with the business of wine almost 20 years ago and founded Tenuta Sant’Antonio, we were dissatisfied, we didn�t want to be only grape growers, we wanted to produce wine.

In the late Eighties a crisis of market obliged us to produce less quantity of wine than in the past. The world of wine was moving toward a quality production. Since then “producing less, but producing better” has become our philosophy.

And if he had not made the wine producer?
I definitely would have worked in the production of grapes, with perhaps less entrepreneurial attitude.

Why did you decide to become wine entrepreneurs?
Till then I came home unhappy in the evening, because I produced grapes and nothing else, not the finished product. For us it was a risk 20 years ago when we started. We were going out crisis of thewine market (vintages 1992-1993) and there were no projects. But my brothers and I were searching for alternatives. Becoming entrepreneurs was the most difficult choice, but, following our parents� suggestion, we decided to follow it …

What are the souls of the company?
Our company has grown a lot over time. Even though we are a family first of all, we are structured and created a precise division of tasks. We are four brothers and each one follows a precise sector: I follow the sales, especially abroad, Paolo is the soul of the wine cellar, Massimo soul of the vineyards and Tiziano the administration soul.

At this point of the interview Tiziano joines us and we continue with him the path in the company’s history

Which adjective or element defines your company?
Armando: Personality. Wine must have a personality. At the beginning we didn�t have a clear idea of what we were. It has been a long path towards establishing an identity. We have been facilitated by the fact that we didn�t have a previous history and our road was clear. We decided to make clean, fruity and fresh wine.

Tiziano: Traditional with an eye to the future, both in the practices that we use in the vineyards both in the production techniques in the cellar. Organic is the future. In the future there must be more attention to what happens in the vineyard to produce better in the cellar.

How has the style of wine influenced the choice of trading strategies?
Armando: Abroad the style of our wine is appreciated. For this reason we began to sell abroad immediately. When we started, there was less competition outside Italy and you could better plan the work and sales. Selling only in Italy would not have allowed us to grow quickly.

What role has the territory in the promotion of your wines?
Armando: The producer has to sell his land. Why do we benefit from certain privileges” abroad nowadays? I think because years ago there was companies that made our land known abroad. If we go to Canada or Scandinavia and ask the name of a wine territory, they answer Veneto. Some companies invested time, money and passion for this goal.

Tiziano: Many tourists come to visit us and appreciate a lot the tour in the vineyard. I think it is symptomatic of the fact that there, in the contact with the vineyard and nature, you understand where the grapes grow and how wine is produced. The most authentic expression of the origin of the wine.

Which wine represents you best?
Tiziano: Amarone is our pride. It can be paired with cheese or meat or the typical dish of Verona: boiled meat with pear�. When people open a bottle of Amarone, must find a wine of substance and structure. Our Amarone has our personality.

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