Biologico Terre di Chieti IGP Passerina

Color: White
Year of production: 2020
Price: 4.90 € (exv)
Annual production: 2,180 bottles
Denomination: IGP
Aging: 4 months in steel
Grapes: Passerina 100% (bio farming)

Writing about this unique grape variety, the Passerina, means taking a trip to the Adriatic coast and then stopping in a territory set in an enchanting place between the sea and the Maiella massif.
We had a pleasant welcome to Abruzzo by this wine, Cantina Tollo’s Passerina bio, produced with wise foresight by this cooperative. Cantina Tollo is one of the historical emblems of national viticulture, where tradition and love emerge for this territory so well structured and balanced by a favorable microclimate for many varieties.
Cantina Tollo presented me this new Passerina vintage from organic farming, a grape variety that represents the uniqueness of the native vines. This grape is recognized for its undisputed flexibility and this factor already leads the thought to what we still have to discover about this grape.
Passerina Bio from Cantina Tollo is refined exclusively in steel and on the nose it opens with all the frankness of the grape, verging on the aroma for the clean notes of grapefruit and thyme, fresh white-fleshed fruit and soft hints of broom.
On the palate this wine gives a right balance between acidity and flavor, with a precise and clean body that can be recognized in a long harmonious finish: truly a naturally and pleasantly complex wine.
We paired this organic Passerina with fish carpaccio and a fried anchovy tempura, toasting the future success of Cantina Tollo.

Company Profile
Cantina Tollo is one of the most important and consolidated companies in the Italian wine sector. With a presence in all European Union countries, North America and the Far East, it exports 33% of its production, with particular attention to the emerging markets of Russia, India and China. A perfect mix of tradition and innovation, 2,700 hectares of vineyards, barriques and large tonneaux  barrels, new aging systems, make Cantina Tollo a lead of Italian wine culture. 

Cantina Tollo
Viale Garibaldi, 68
66010 Tollo (CH)
Tel. +39 0871 96251