Wine: White – Year: 2015
Price (ex winery, VAT included): 5,00 Euro
Yearly production (bottles): 60.000
Ageing: Bottle for 1 month
Designation: IGT
Grapes: Pinot Grigio 100%

The Anna Spinato winery is located next to the Italian Piave River, famous for the battles of the First World War. Luckily, there is here nowadays
only peace and the sweet noises of nature are to be heard. Serenity
and delicacy are reflected in this wine, which presents fragrant aromas recalling the blossoming of the broom and yellow tropical fruit mixed with citrus and green peppers. Balance and aromatic delicacy are translated into sweetness, sapidity, acidity and bitter shades mixed in a slim texture. Recommended with Venetian style salt-cod.


Anna Spinato was founded in 1952 by the intuition of Pietro Spinato, the father of the current owner. Following on tradition and passion, in 2002 it started opening up to the international market and nowadays the company exports more than 95% of the bottles it produces. In 2012 the company obtain the organic production certification.

Via Roma, 106
31047 Ponte di Piave – Treviso
Tel. +39 0422 857927
Fax +39 0422 858001