“Anthium” Bellone Lazio IGT 2016

Wine: white
Year: 2016
Price: 10,50 € (VAT included)
Annual Production: 15.000 bottles
Designation: I.G.T. Lazio
Aging: Steel
Grapes: 100% Bellone

We have known Casale del Giglio for a long time, one of the most representative wineries of Lazio region, which is still too little known, unfortunately, for its oenological vocation.
It was the first time we tasted their “Anthium” and we have to admit that we loved it. It raised our awareness about an autochthonous grape like Bellone (an ancient Lazio variety, already known during Roman era and quoted by Plinio), which we knew a little about and literally made us fall in love.
A completely compelling wine, for its tropical fruits notes (mango, passion fruit), but also for its distinctive citrus and floral hints (orange blossoms) and a pleasing note of elder. In the mouth the pleasure is even more evident thanks to a mixture between perfect harmony, a surprising abundance and an ideal balance between sapidity, minerality and more, at the end of the sip, the fruity notes that recur.
We paired it with a dish of delicious pumpkin ravioli and we hit the jackpot.


Casale del Giglio is a winery located in the Agro Pontino valley, around 30 miles south of Rome. Unlike other parts of the Latium region, or other regions of Italy, this territory was still uncharted in viticultural terms when Berardino Santarelli and his son Antonio launched their research project in 1985. To date, Casale del Giglio has converted its 200 hectares selecting those grape varieties which have proved to interact best with the territory and produce the best quality wines.
Casale del Giglio currently offers a range of twenty products – seven white wines, one rosé, seven reds, one passito, three grappas and an extra virgin olive oil.

Strada Cisterna-Nettuno Km 13
04100 Le Ferriere (LT)
Tel: +39 06/92902530
Email: export@casaledelgiglio.it; info@casaledelgiglio.it