Color: Red
Year of production: 2017
Price: 7,00 euros
Annual production: 20.000 bottles
Denomination: IGT Lazio
Aging: aged in part in steel and in part in wooden tonneaux for approximally 12 months
Grapes: 100% Cesanese

“Historia magistra vitae”, history is the teacher of our life, is a saying by Cicero, a representative of the incredible Roman wisdom. In this area around ancient Rome Italian culture was born, which nowadays still retains the undisputed charm of tradition.
Cesanese is a vine with a story connected to the present days. Mixed with the rural activities of many Lazio areas, accompanied by a majestic nature, this vine is a proud, austere and modern interpreter of the gifts of this territory. A dark color like night invades the glass, leaving a large amplitude of decisive aromas to emerge, recalling ripe forest fruits and an elegant spiciness in its progress towards the palate. The taste of Matidia, 100% Cesanese, vintage 2017, has a structured and mineral component with a strong body, just like a wine that can have good longevity because it is accompanied by a mild acidity that recalls drinking. A soft finish with well-ripe and fully developed tannins surprises the taster with his sincere harmony. The Cesanese of Casale del Giglio enhances its qualities in good company: imagine to drink it under a pergola with friends telling the day spent admiring the Roman countryside.
This wine can be also a true protagonist paired with gourmet dishes of the most prestigious Italian cuisine in the world. We have tested its transversality with pasta stuffed with game to get a venison stew with wild herbs and it has never stopped telling us about its pleasant balance.

Company Profile
Casale del Giglio è un’azienda vinicola situata nell’Agro Pontino ad una cinquantina di chilometri a sud di Roma. Contrariamente ad altre parti del Lazio o ad altre regioni d’Italia, questo territorio era ancora vergine in termini di viticoltura quando Berardino Santarelli e suo figlio Antonio lanciarono il loro progetto di ricerca nel 1985. Oggi, Casale del Giglio ha convertito i suoi 180 ettari in vite selezionando i vitigni che avevano dimostrato il miglior adattamento al territorio e prodotto vini di migliore qualità. Casale del Giglio offre una gamma di venticinque etichette ” dieci bianchi, un rosato, nove rossi, un passito, tre grappe e un olio extra vergine).

Casale del Giglio
Strada Cisterna Nettuno KM13
Le Ferriere, LT 04100 IT
+39 06 9290 2530